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September 1.2001
Line Media Research Co.,Ltd.

Japanese first one, the Internet video telephone system of the next generation corresponding to a broadband.
Our company developments "Zoot Phone Adapter" and begin service from October 1,2001.

Three companies, Inter Link Co.,Ltd. (Internet provider/ Toshima-ku, Tokyo/ Tadashi Yokoi President), Line Media Research Co.,Ltd. (Development of software and hardware/ Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka/ Yukiharu Ishiduki president) and Net-2com Co.,Ltd.,Shanghai branch (Development of VoIP system/ Changning-ku, Shanghai/ OH Kiyoshi President) developed together new Internet telephone ZPE and the adapter Zoot Phone Adapter for Internet telephones and begin service of "Zoot Phone" from October 1, 2001.

It is improving that Internet's of these days full time connection and high- speed distribution can perform in an individual communication by leaps and bounds so that it may be represented by ADSL.That realizes service that couldn't be used since the amount of information is too large, and you can receive service of varieties simultaneously. That is, it means that the kind of information treated on the Internet changes.Although service of for example, TV broadcast, movie distribution, etc. was impossible in the conventional transmission speed, it becomes possible by a broadcloth band.

Although it was said the tone quality of an Internet telephone was bad from the problem of the conventional transmission speed, it is predicted that users increase in number as service of the high quality of sound in the future. Moreover, Developing into the service that also multiplexed the form of service offer by improvement in transmission speed is predicted. For example, in parallel with seeing the graph of the stock price on Web, the explanation from an adviser can be listened to by the Internet telephone. And in case of Educational relation, in parallel with seeing the photograph and picture on Web, teacher can teach English conversation by the Internet telephone.

Since it corresponds to service of the next generation, Inter Link Co., Ltd, Line Media Research Co., Ltd and Net-2com Co., Ltd developed the software "ZPE (Zoot Phone Explorer)" and the adapter for Internet telephones "Zoot Phone Adapter" of a new Internet telephone together.

First, the feature of ZPE is the Internet telephone software that operates by H323 protocol. Next, Zoot Telephone Adapter can perform operation of PC that uses a mouse and a keyboard in an Internet telephone by connecting this to a general telephone, and it is possible with the same feeling as the usual telephone. It has redial function, and function in which the telephone itself sounds in the case of a call, and it can respond also to a cordless telephone.
A "housesitting video telephone center function" is the feature as addition service.When the power supply of PC is not on, or when having not connected with the Internet, a housesitting video telephone is kept in the center.

It is designed so that it can respond to the distribution function of television broadcasting, the function to give compatibility to the Internet telephone of the other company, and the function that can be accessed from Web with plug-in, etc. in the future.

Inter Link corporation starts "ZOOT Phone" service from October 1, 2001. Not only the member of an Inter Link but also other providers' member can use service.This service purchases "Zoot Phone Adapter" and service can be used by paying the charge of monthly amount use. The price of "Zoot Phone Adapter" is 15,000 yen. But, it is sold over the Internet for 12,000 yen of special price from September 1, 2001 to the last day of September. The page for reserving ZOOT Phone Adapter
The monthly amount rental fee is as follows. General is the monthly amount of 300 yen and member of Inter Link is the monthly amount of 200 yen. However, it is a free trial employment period during 2001.
Our company expects that 100,000 people become a member before this year.

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