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(Farm system) Development of the firmware by an assembler, C etc.
Modem test device Equipment which performs the examination of a modem of operation by controlling the serial port of four channels.
PHS test device The device that tests conversion condition by DSP.The development of the control software of DSP and also DSP periphery.
PDC test device The device that tests conversion condition by DSP. The development of the control software of DSP and also DSP periphery.
laser source of light stable device Stability of the dispatch frequency of laser is performed by multi-electrode control temperature, drive current, the exterior, and internal synchronous.
(Control system)Development of the application that controls it by the communication of data with FA device etc.
Light axis control unit of laser light The control unit of the laser light irradiation position that by means control the angle of a XY mirror.
Cell cut device by laser The image recognition of the unspecified form is carried out with the equipment that controls XY table by accuracy of 1/4-micro metrer unit, and irradiates laser light.
Micromachine preparation device by laser The device that makes DXF form computer aided design data a source from, a diamond sheet and process the part of several micro metrer with laser light.
Thickness measurement data control system of a board The system that controls the device that measures the thickness of a plural board by TCP/IP.
Assembly device of furniture Control software to the assembly machine of 11-axis servo control.
piece confidence optical fiber measurement device The control to a light multiple meter.
board tester The action test device of the foundation after ASSY.
Development of the system that manages and controls telephone voice, fax etc. by (voice, fax system system) modem etc.
voice, fax accumulation system The system can treat that as if sound and FAX like message dial of NTT.
(The operation system resembles the NTT message dial.)
order reception fax system The automatic facsimile transmitting (forwarding) system by voice guidance.
automatic circuit change system The system that searches an effective circuit according to the situation of a circuit etc, and is changed automatically.
CTI system The client control system for a call center that used a number display function.
(The Internet, intranet system)
General telephone adapter for Internet telephone Equipment that enables an Internet telephone by general telephone.
Self development
Telephone adapter for the Internet phone "IPA-100", "IPA-200" and "IPA-300" Equipment which enable it to use common telephone by the Internet phone.
Voice information service offer of imode."VRecord" It is a system which offers service information from the homepage of celluar phone.
TV phone image streaming conversion system It is a system which changes into a streaming file the image taken by the PDA with TV phone.
(The research etc. of algorithm)
Research of the algorithm to signal detection of optical pulse measurement equipment.
The research of the algorithm of the signal detection by the prediction to 1/f process of a noise component.
Research by the subsidy enterprise of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Shizuoka Prefecture.)