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Product Guidance MRecord for FOMA™ SERVICE

Press Release

June 10th.2002
Line Media Research

"MRecord for FOMA" changes the image of FOMA into the streaming file for PCs.


Line Media Research Co., Ltd (Development of software and hardware/Hamamatsu, Shizuoka/Ishiduki president) exhibited “MRecord for FOMA™” service which records the image taken by 3rd next-generation PDA “FOMA™”. This service changes into the image file which PC users can see, and performs streaming distribution.

FOMA™ can perform photography of an image simply by PDA and does not need a difficult setup. However, the taken image cannot perform preservation to external media, such as PC, and the data capacity that can be saved on a PDA body has restriction. In "MRecord for FOMA™" service, the original FOMA™ image record technology of our company is used. By converting the image of FOMA™ to a streaming file for PC users, the image of FOMA™ can be saved to external media. Furthermore, distribution is possible via a network towards PC user because a visitor prepares an image distribution server.
In the image streaming service "V live" which NTTDoCoMo Co., Ltd. offers, the distribution place is restricted with FOMA™, PDA, and PHS. However, it is also one of the charms that PC is in a distribution place with "MRecord for FOMA™" service. A possibility of a FOMA™ image that the use was restricted by this service spreads greatly and contents distribution beyond the conventional frames, such as animation distribution asked for immediacy, is realized. Our company is wishing that this service employs the possibility of the 3rd next generation PDA FOMA™ efficiently, and this is help to the FOMA™spread of future.

The schedule of "MRecord for FOMA™" service performs system adjustment, and will offer service to the company and individual who wish service use from July. Our company is open to public the experience version of "MRecord for FOMA™" service period limitation and for nothing from June 10th (Monday). With the experience version, since our company prepares a distribution server, a visitor does not need to prepare.

The URL of experience version of "MRecord for FOMA™" is

About"MRecord for FOMA™" service         

This service is based on telecommunications standards (“3GCP” 3G-324M(※1)), such as a moving image and sound, which are adopted by TV telephone terminal. The moving image taken with TV telephone terminal is taken in to "MRecord service" by the original technology of our company, and is converted to a streaming file. "MRecord service" only creates the file for carrying out streaming distribution to PC user. In order to distribute a file, a service user has to prepare a distribution server.

(※1)3G-324M is communication protocols, such as a sound and an image adopted by 3GPP.

(System outline figure)

About experience version of "MRecord for FOMA™"

The "MRecord for FOMA™" experience version is the period limited network service which performs streaming distribution for the FOMA™ image taken in by service from on the experience version website. A FOMA™ image is transmitted to this service, and if there is a personal computer in the Internet environment, anyone can use this service by using a browser. When exhibiting the image uploaded in "MRecord for FOMA™" service by web, or when perusing a image, the number of FOMA™ when uploading is required. When reproducing a image with PC, you have to install "Real Media" in advance.

About the FOMA™ image which performs streaming distribution

It becomes possible to carry out streaming distribution of the FOMA™ image to PC in the Internet environment because a user prepares an animation distribution server and uses MRecord for FOMA service.

Of course, the conventional music distribution and image distribution are possible.
・ Record of an incident and the accident spot
・ Image memo
・ An album image to open only to friends
・ The directions receptacle of an emergency measure to emergency medical technician from the doctor in the medical spot.(※1)

(※1) Our company uses "MRecord for FOMA™" service, and is performing the examination that carries out live distribution of the FOMA™ image for personal computers now.  

※ M of "MRecord"is M of the "Movie".

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※ FOMA™ is the trademark of incorporated NTT docomo Co., Ltd.
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