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VRecord (The i-mode voice information service offer system)

Press release / About "Postalk"/ Service proposal collection

System outline

VRecordFImage outline

Mr.Answer " "VRecord is the system that materializes a/the voice service with the homepage for the cellular phone such as i-mode."
Mr.Question "Since many things were taught from before, I understood."
Mr.Answer "If it is HP created using"VRecord", a sound can be heard from HP for cellular phones."
Mr.Answer "I established "Postalk" which actually used "VRecord.""
Mr.Question "Is that right?"

"i-mode" is trade mark of Co., Ltd. NTT Docomo.
This system realizes voice service on the website for the cellular phones containing i-mode. In addition, our company established the site for the i-mode terminals that used this system. Please access from the i-mode terminal that you have.

* For details About "Postalk" Please see it.

The characteristic of a system
The information transmission from the Web site for the cellular phone including i-mode was only thing that" shows "from the problem of communication speed. Also as for a conventional voice information service many push operation were necessary.
  • This system can realize voice service on the website for cellular phones including i-mode.
  • Push operation of voice information service can be more easily performed on Web.
  • It can shift from an existing website or an existing voice guidance system.
The example of system application
Our company has carried the service proposal collection. Please see together with it.
  • Audition service in an arrival-of-the-mail melody site.
  • Music information offer service of newly released of music introduction etc.
  • Voice information service of goods guidance, reservation service, etc.
  • Besides, a various kinds information service.