Line Media Research Co., Ltd. Product information [VRecord]

VRecord (The i-mode voice information service offer system)

Press release / System outline / About "Postalk"

the service proposal collection
On this page, each service by the website for cellular phones including i-mode which used VRecord is proposed. Furthermore, You are able to download a service proposal collection when you click this image. Please see it.

1. voice information offer service
  • Administration guidance voice service
  • Bank, card issuer, and insurance company each reference service
  • Arrival of the mail melody service
  • Voice service of a talent official-recognition site
  • Game contents voice linkage service

2.Voice transmission of a voice information offer + user a possible bi-direction voice service
  • Horse race information/telephone vote service
  • Prize application service
  • Service that keeps the message to a radio program
  • Voice bbs service
  • User participation style contents

3.Service that extended the speech recognition system that recognizes the voice of a user
  • Linguistic acquisition service
  • Various search services

4.Mail delivery service that extended a mail server
  • Voice mail service
  • Music information voice mail delivery service